A Turkey for the Generations

Originally Posted on JumpingGenerations November 23, 2010 (http://jumpinggenerations.wordpress.com/2010/11/22/a-turkey-for-the-generations/)

GG taught D how to make a this turkey many years ago.
This cooking-style makes the juiciest turkey in about 1 hour.

Here’s what you will need

  • 1, 12-15 pound turkey (if you’re having more people, just make 2)
  • 1 stick of butter
  • salt & pepper
  • whatever white wine you’re drinking that day
  • inexpensive roaster with lid
  • favorite fresh herb, we usually grab rosemary sprigs from our plant


  • Preheat oven to 500° (yes, 500!)
  • Unwrap, remove interiors, including neck and organs
  • Wash bird in the sink and let it drain
  • Coat the bottom of your pan with olive oil, then rub down the bird with the entire stick of butter, and put rosemary sprigs under the skin and in the center of the bird
  • Tuck wings under the bird and place the turkey in the roaster breast up
  • Pour glass of white wine in the bottom of the pan
  • Cover the bird (if you don’t have the roaster, foil will work
  • Bake at 500 for 1 hour, after 1 hour, remove the lid
  • Check temperature using meat thermometer, looking for 180 degrees
  • If your bird does not go to 180 degrees keep the lid off and bake at 500 for 20 minute intervals until it does register at 180

Carve and enjoy with all your favorite sides. Besides the ease of cooking, this is the best tasting turkey EVER!  To quote GG, “It makes a fine bird.”

Happy Thanksgiving!

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My 9-Year-Old & the S-Word

It began about this time last year. Perhaps on the drive home after swim practice, or when we walked through the grocery store, or after a play-date. Z-girl, then 8, would quiz D or I about S.

Is it Grandma and Grandpa?
How would you do it?
If you didn’t play along at school you were a dork.

The S-word — and the even worse, the talk.

“Mom, Grandma and Grandpa can’t be Santa, because they only carry-on when they come for Christmas.”

“Dad, everyone at school says it’s your mom and dad —
but I know you guys don’t have that kind of money.”

Yet the math kept adding up in her head. Maybe it was sealed when she saw the candy-cane wrapping paper in my closet. Maybe she put it together when she saw that Santa also put a cross-stroke through his letter Z.

So with the early appearance of the holidays this year (wreath-hanging in our local shopping area, on Halloween, or the wrapping papers and toys arriving at Costco, in September) Z-girl, now 9, restarted the verbal inquisition.

This year it was fueled with more sass and knowingness than we expected. D and I began to duck from the topic all together — while she inquired as if the lead in a Grisham novel.

In my family, as I grew older and more inquisitive, my parents would tell me, “if you don’t believe, you don’t get” or, “we don’t get you presents, Santa does”.

I assumed this would be our own party-line for many (hopefully twenty) years to come.

Of course this wouldn’t do for my Z-girl. She is not cut from the same cloth as I.

As time went on, it became increasingly obvious that she was not going to let it rest — and she was cross-examining us more frequently. Our worry came not from her finding us out, but from the possibility that she would ruin, for her little brother and sister, the magic we’d worked to create when she was small.

Recently a friend was over for dinner, on a night Z-girl was at a birthday party. This allowed us to compare stories; her 10 year old boy vs. our 9 year old girl. Both of these children being the oldest of numerous siblings. Our friend gave us a suggestion, which we ended up moving forward with. We were going to sit Z-girl down and have the S-talk.

On the Thursday after Halloween, I picked Z-girl up from school early. This has never happened before — she thought I failed to tell her about a dentist appointment. She kept asking what was going on. I said we were going to have lunch with her dad. She kept asking why. I told her she would find out when we met up with him. That it wasn’t anything bad — that we just wanted to talk to her about something.

Over a nutella crepe and root beer at a fancy patisserie, we told Z-girl that she was now in the club. We presented her with a contract which read…

Today, I, Z-girl, become a member of the club.
The other members of the club are my mom and dad.

It is now my responsibility to have fun, with my parents, making B and K’s Christmas Holidays magical! I understand that the club is about fun and happiness and as the newest member I respect the rules!

The rules of the club pertain not only to my brother and sister — but to all other children not currently in the club. I agree to join the club today, November 1, 2012

_______________________ signed Z

After this presentation, we answered a few questions and told many memorable stories. We told her she now got to stay up later to help. She got to drink the diet Coke we left the chubby guy. We told her she could help nibble the carrots and jingle the bells. We explained how fun it has been for us to create the magic all these years for her.

Finally we told her how much we loved her but recently how proud we were of her for so many things; her straight As this past semester, her dedication to her sports, her love of reading. But we reminded her that we were so proud of the resilience she has shown, and blown us away with, in her role as big sister.

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Roast Beast?

Is the Arby’s new logo appropriate?

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Interesting Business Card Links

Please add your links below in the comments. Here are some interesting ones posted on other sites and blogs — for you to look at.

Web Designer Depot, May 2009

Web Designer Depot, June 2012

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AIGA Communiqué

I wanted to share the August 2012 Issue of AIGA Communiqué. Enjoy!

AIGA - Communique

News & Events

AIGA membership model

What the new AIGA membership model means for you

AIGA launched a new membership model on August 1 to give every designer an affordable chance to belong. When your membership comes up for renewal, you’ll be able to choose the membership category that best matches your commitment to the profession and the value of the organization to your career and future. Read more about the shift in Ric Grefé’s recent Insight article, or find answers to common questions in the FAQs. more-belong »

Head, Heart and Hand

Head, Heart and Hand: Modern design practice

AIGA approaches its 2014 centennial intent on celebrating three critical attributes of modern design practice: head, the designer’s ability to solve complex problems; heart, through work that has a positive social impact; and hand, the craft of making beautiful things. Our activities may vary in their emphasis among these three aspects of the profession—nevertheless, each attribute is critical to what makes the designer unique. more-attributes »


New workshops available at “Gain”

“Gain: AIGA Design for Social Value Conference” in San Francisco this October offers pre-conference professional development workshops—now open for registration—including “Negotiating and Contracting for Pro Bono Jobs” with Linda Joy Kattwinkel and Shel Perkins, “Successful Grantwriting and Fundraising” with Shoshanah Goldberg-Miller, Ph.D., “Implementing Social Change” with Andréa Pellegrino and Robert Sedlack, and “Recent Changes in Marketing your Firm” with David C. Baker. Or, choose to engage in lively conversation with fellow attendees at industry roundtables, brought to you by Aquent and hosted by some of today’s brightest design leaders. Register now for “Gain” to take your practice to the next level! more-workshops »

Design education

Share your feedback on expectations for design education

How can educators and institutions train the next generation of designers? AIGA has drafted a document that outlines the outcomes and competencies expected of a four-year design program. This document will become the basis of our efforts to guide curriculum development for future design education. AIGA is currently seeking members’ input on these recommendations; read on and be sure to comment by August 24. more-education »

Design Leaders Confidence Index

Design leaders’ confidence in the design economy slips slightly

AIGA’s Design Leaders Confidence Index, a measure of economic conditions in the design profession, dipped slightly in the second quarter of 2012, from 104.15 to 94.92. Responses to this quarterly survey of more than 350 design leaders demonstrate cautious optimism in the design industry. For instance, roughly 13 percent believe the overall economy is worse now than it was six months ago and about 12 percent feel the design economy is worse. Looking ahead, only 8 percent think the economy, in general or in terms of design activity, will be worse in six months. more-index »


Mark your calendar for September webinars

Next month, AIGA is offering three informative, engaging events that are free of charge for all members: On September 19, Celeste M. Combs and Adobe Expert Erik Natzke will host Emotional Design, an Adobe Breakthroughs session that explains why “emotional design” has become an essential component of digital products and brands. On September 20, Nicole Paternoster will share project management tools, techniques and software in an Ask Aquent session on Project Management. And on September 21, Matt Pashkow and Alissa Walker will host Branding ABC, a behind-the-scenes look at entertainment marketing. Register now for all three! more-webinars »


Big chapter events coming soon

With the end of summer approaching, AIGA chapters across the country are gearing up for big events. Join AIGA Hampton Roads on August 22 for Shred, the “raddest fundraiser, competition and exhibition on surf and skate design ever.” On September 21, brave the elements with AIGA Seattle’s Into the Woods,
a three-day conference on surviving in the design wild with keynote speakers, professional workshops and activities for even the most grizzled designers. And AIGA St. Louis brings back their popular St. Louis Design Week in September to unite the city with nine dynamic events over seven days. Check out all upcoming chapter events at the AIGA event calendar! more-events »

The Texas Show

Visit “The Texas Show” at the AIGA National Design Center

As part of an ongoing series of exhibitions highlighting outstanding work from chapter events, competitions and activities, the AIGA National Design Center is hosting “The Texas Show” through September 28. The exhibition showcases the best work produced by designers in the Austin, Dallas, Houston and San Antonio chapters of AIGA. Make plans to visit if you will be in New York this fall! more-Texas »

Daren Guillory

Freelance Considerations: Lessons Learned

Member contribution by Daren Guillory

Thinking about going freelance? An insider’s look at the pros and cons—plus helpful tips and advice—from an AIGA member who built a successful freelance career. more-guillory »

Video: AIGA Membership Changes

Video: AIGA Membership Changes

Chapter contribution by AIGA Charlotte

Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Nearly 100 years old and 22,000 members strong, AIGA is changing its membership structure. This video, produced by the Charlotte chapter of AIGA, highlights some of the options and possibilities offered by the new membership model. more-charlotte »

Benson Crane Revisited

Benson Crane Revisited: Some Designers are not Born, but Made

Article by Ralph Caplan

In 1971, a well-known magazine published a compelling interview with a designer named Benson Crane. It turns out this designer was pure invention. One of Benson Crane’s creators shares the story behind the fictional designer. more-caplan »


Catch up on the latest news

Missed the last issue of this newsletter? You can still read the June and July issues of Communiqué online.

About Communiqué

This newsletter is emailed monthly to AIGA members. To opt out, update your preferences.

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Buy This Poster at Pop Chart Lab

So nice…

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Correction: This FAMILY Sponsored by…

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This Marriage Sponsored by…

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Just Graduate!

When I was working at SCAD-Atlanta at the end of June, I met a BFA who had just graduated. His name was Dinesh Dave and he was on his way to take an internship at W+K in Portland.

Unbeknownst to him — I had already ‘met’ Dinesh, as a video he produced at the end of his time at SCAD-Atlanta had become viral among Atlanta area Design Educators.

The video brought tears to my eyes…

On the first day of the workshop, Dinesh stopped by the classroom to say goodbye to friends in the workshop and his faculty. As I headed out to lunch that day, I saw a bright red poster in one of the faculty offices. I was told Dinesh made them for everyone — why was I not surprised?

This message — is something I want to put on the cover of the syllabus of any Portfolio course I should teach in the future.

Best wishes Dinesh.

Hand screen printed on French-paper, poptone red.
Print by Amy Carter, Designed by Dinesh Dave

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What I’m Reading, July 2012: True Believers

True Believers: A Novel by Kurt Andersen

And so far, I cannot put it down…

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