An Easy Way to Battle Food Allergies

Baby-B is no longer Baby-B. She’s been promoted to B-girl. This is because she has turned three on us this week!

Two years ago, when we were still a family of 5, just with GG living with us and no twinkle of Boy-K in our eyes, we threw B-girl her first birthday party.

It was great. I bought her a ridiculous dress and had the food catered from one of those fancy Atlanta bakery shops. Delicious sandwiches and gourmet cupcakes!

After giving B-girl her cupcake — which she had no interest in — we proceeded to get her to eat the thing for photos and the fun of a 1-year-old smashing cake on their face!!

Not long after she nibbled, she started making wheezing sounds. Soon after that projectile vomiting. Then a rash. Called her pediatrician, they said call 9-1-1 right now!

Oh the excitement!

A few days later we were in the allergist’s office — where B-girl was tested for food allergies. I have a tree-nut allergy, so when they came in to check on her half-way they said, “oh yeah, looks like she’s allergic to nuts like Mom!”

After the full length of time they consulted the chart of allergens on her back and realized that she was NOT allergic to nuts or peanuts, but she is allergic to EGGS!

Poor baby is what I thought. Eggs! One of the easiest foods! Scramble your baby up an egg. Eggs in moderation are so wonderful for you!

So for B-girl’s birthday cakes and treats this year, I found this wonderful brand called Cherrybrook Kitchen®! They use the Arthur characters from the PBS television show (did you know Arthur has a character with Asperger’s) to help explain the stories of children having food allergies.

We sent Arthur Chocolate Cookies to B-girl’s Nut Free & Egg Free Classroom

They have dairy, gluten, peanut, tree-nut and egg free mixes. Most importantly they are delicious! Way to go Cherrybrook Kitchen!

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