I Should Have Prefaced — There is Nothing to Mourn

I should have prefaced a few of my previous blog posts about Baby-K the way I started a conversation with a girlfriend the other day, “Baby-K is FINE! He is happy. He sleeps well. He eats well. He is so cute. He has no idea there is any concern revolving around him!”

Our family is as busy and happy as ever. Z-girl is swimming up a storm. The Christmas tree is coming home today. Holiday parties are being attended and B-girl’s turns three in a few days! It’s the normal and wonderful chaos us McGinty-Mocks thrive on.

Yes, I have resigned from many commitments — because we have new and different ones overflowing our cups — but that’s it!

In no way, by sharing some of these life decisions  — do I want anyone to think that Baby-K isn’t well. As his neurologist said last week, “After all these tests and therapy, it may just turn out that he’s on Baby-K time.”

To any parent that makes a lot of sense. With our middle child we so often use the expression, “That’s just B being B!”

B-girl marches to the beat of her own drum. She is fiercely independent. She drives us as crazy with it. So we need to bring this phrase into rotation, “That’s just Baby-K, being Baby-K!”

There is no forcing Father Time when it comes to parenting. It is just because of certain delays (14-months and not crawling being a big one) that a heads-up has been given to us about Baby-K. We are not in mourning. We are forward thinking people who need to live a little more in the moment.

We are so freakin’ blessed.

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