The Day Before Thanksgiving…

The day before thanksgiving has been an historically good day for our little family.

When we were 19, Don and I spent the day in the car, driving home from college, so he could meet my family. I will never forget how Don kissed my hand as we sat on the George Washington Bridge, in traffic, late at night. Very late that night he first met my parents.

When we were 23, Don tossed a little box to me the night before Thanksgiving, and asked me to marry him.

When we were 24, we closed on the purchase of our first house, the day before Thanksgiving.

If I had to guess, I would say Z snuck into our lives the day before Thanksgiving 😉

This year, on the day before Thanksgiving, Don and I were with baby-K while during an MRI. A baby his age needs to be put under for his procedure.

There are some concerns regarding his development — or lack thereof. Currently it is called a global developmental delay, which could mean any number of things, or nothing at all. He is fourteen months old and not still crawling.

Our sweet, and very happy little boy needs his body completely checked out so we can rule a lot of things out and move forward with a lot more physical, occupational and speech therapy.

As we count our blessings and remember all we are thankful for — I hope that this particular day remains a good one for us.

Consider making a donation to CHOA this holiday season. 

Don holds K as we wait for anesthesia.

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2 Responses to The Day Before Thanksgiving…

  1. Christie says:

    Ohhhh my friend. Prayers for you, Don and baby K. Much love, CMT and family.

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