Just Graduate!

When I was working at SCAD-Atlanta at the end of June, I met a BFA who had just graduated. His name was Dinesh Dave and he was on his way to take an internship at W+K in Portland.

Unbeknownst to him — I had already ‘met’ Dinesh, as a video he produced at the end of his time at SCAD-Atlanta had become viral among Atlanta area Design Educators.

The video brought tears to my eyes…

On the first day of the workshop, Dinesh stopped by the classroom to say goodbye to friends in the workshop and his faculty. As I headed out to lunch that day, I saw a bright red poster in one of the faculty offices. I was told Dinesh made them for everyone — why was I not surprised?

This message — is something I want to put on the cover of the syllabus of any Portfolio course I should teach in the future.

Best wishes Dinesh.

Hand screen printed on French-paper, poptone red.
Print by Amy Carter, Designed by Dinesh Dave

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