My Mom & Michelle Bachmann …

No! The two have nothing in common — thank goodness.

Yet, my mom did share this wonderful blog post today by Brian Thill. You must check it out. My favorite part of this amazing piece of writing is:

In any event, let the flourish of Bachmann’s H stand for freedom, country, or whatever else the rhetorical grab-bag of faux-populism requires. The rictus of determination the candidate wears directs us to the image’s deeper meaning. In the last analysis, the mark that bridges and transcends the columns of that H looks like nothing so much as a desperate squirt of unsavory toothpaste.

Note to Mr. Thill: the flourish you refer to is called a crossbar in typographic anatomy. It is the bridge which bring the two stems together of a letter like an H (and we can all speculate on what that capital H really stands for).

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