Vignelli Continued (pt. 5)

Receiving the e-mail of a Lifetime.

About a week after my return to Atlanta from the RIT, I e-mailed Mr. Vignelli a thank you follow-up for the amazing week. I told him I would be blogging about my experience through the introduction of a project to my Layout students and sent him the link to my blog. Massimo promptly wrote a wonderful reply, commented on the work I produced during the workshop, and wrote the following about Alignment Logic.  

I love and envy your blog. My associates keep telling me that we should have one too, but I suppose that my generation still has some difficulties to understand the benefits of this device.
I do appreciate enormously the part related to Lella and what she was saying at that time. Somehow it brings forward more appreciation for what she has done in her past.

This is a small excerpt from an e-mail which I will cherish for the remainder of my professional lifetime.

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