Vignelli Continued (pt. 4)

Last night after working in-class on grids and layouts for museum fold-out brochures. My Layout 2 class took a break to watch the Conversation with George Lois & Massimo Vignelli from RIT.

As a follow-up, here is list of links related to their conversation. My students (and any students of Graphic Design & Advertising) should be at least familiar with those they spoke of. The conversation is a wonderful History of Graphic Design. Thanks again to both men for making it a wonderful evening. 

To start:
George Lois
Massimo Vignelli

Super Focus Eye Glasses
NYC Transit Maps (MTA)
George Lois Esquire Covers

Mentors and Influences:
Mies van der Rohe
Le Corbusier
Josef Muller Brockmann
Armin Hofmann
Dieter Rams
Saul Bass
Paul Rand

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