Vignelli Continued (pt. 3)

Teaching by Learning from a Master (Part One)

Our assignment for the week. Eek! Yes, stationEry is misspelled.

I have been trying to figure out how best to share my experience from Vignelli’s Master Workshop a few weeks ago. Then it was time to introduce (from my bed as I’ve been having contractions on and off the last few days) Project 2 to my Intermediate Layout class.

I have someone substituting for me tonight, but the control-freak I am gave her minute by minute instructions for the introduction of Project 2. These instructions were easy to articulate as they proved a good compilation of what I worked on with Mr. Vignelli.

Good Evening Class,

I began planning this big project back over the summer break. I wanted you to have a more pragmatic piece for your portfolios — and met with Chris Leimberger to rework some of the projects for GD 231 and this is one we concepted together.

Incidentally, this EXACT piece is one of the pieces of collateral Massimo Vignelli assigned, as a piece to present to the Eastman House for a new identity. So I will show you all my own process and work (successes and failures) as we proceed.

One of the beautiful things about this project is not only how I had to re-master it, under the direction of a Master, but I now can teach it, to you, in two ways.
1. What I re-learned by doing (and doing fast)
2. My collected visuals and videos from my work under Mr. Vignelli’s direction.

As an assignment this week, read the Vignelli Canon, which Mr. Vignelli makes available to for free via PDF. This book explains both the concept and theory behind the set-up of such a project and how you should consider working.

Project 2 could be a wonderful piece for your portfolios and, once complete, lends itself to other pieces of (quickly produced) collateral (smaller brochures, web layouts, stationery, banners, environmental, graphics, etc.).

I’m looking forward to seeing you all next week — I hate this unavoidable absence. If need be, I will happily set-up an extra help session outside of class if anyone needs it — just say the word.

Please e-mail me if you need anything, Rachele

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