Dear Starbucks Barista,

Please don’t ask me, if I am ‘sure, I don’t want my half-caf to actually be a full-decaf?’. Please don’t follow-up this question with a inquiry about my impending due-date.

Don’t you know,
by the joyous look on my face, when I entered your store, what a lover and supporter of your brand I am?

Don’t you know,
I use Starbucks as an example of near-perfect branding in my course lectures?

Don’t you know,
how sleep-deprived a woman can be in her 29th week?!?!?!

Don’t you know,
that it is over 100° outside, and your Venti-Skinny-Iced-Vanilla-Latte-Half-Caf was going to be one of the few cooling joys of my day?

Dear Starbucks barista,
please know, that when I replied ‘I’m sure’ to your inquiry, I really meant,
‘you don’t know shit.’

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2 Responses to Dear Starbucks Barista,

  1. Amy V says:

    Don’t want to be too much of a goober, but when I worked at Starbucks I had never known anyone who was pregnant (nor had been preggo myself) so had no idea that caffeine was perfectly okay for women to have. I am guilty of double checking with the ladies to make sure I hadn’t misheard and they did want caffeinated. It had always been shoved down my throat how caffeine was bad for pregnant women—I know better now, but possible she had the same bad education about the subjuect? However, if she was snotty about it, which it sounds like she was since she asked follow-ups, she did indeed deserve some stink-eye.

    Next time, educate! I would have liked to have been corrected, because I’m sure I caused some anger, too. (Possibly at this very moment! 😉 )

  2. rachelemock says:

    You’re NOT a goober Amy-deer!

    Great perspective from the side of the barista! Thanks for sharing. You know how I love the ‘bucks!


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