Continued Research & Dialogue: Saving Face(book)

This Article is reprinted from the April 2011 Issue of GDUSA. It was provided to GD USA by The Creative Group. 

You love to socialize on Facebook, but when it comes to business, it’s important to “save face” by ensuring that you don’t inadvertently hinder your professional prospects. Following are five common scenarios and tips for handing them like a pro:

1. You’re Tagged In An Embarrassing Photo. Untag yourself and change your privacy settings so photos are viewable only by your close friends.

2. You’re Friended By Someone You Don’t Want To Connect With. It might be best to accept friend requests from colleagues to avoid slighting them, but add them to a “work” list and adjust your privacy settings so you can effectively separate your job from your personal life.

3. You’re Considering Friending Your Boss. It may seem like a natural extension of amiable office small talk, but think twice before proactively friending your boss. It could become awkward for both of you.

4. You Want To Join Various Groups. You should join groups that interest you. But if you have colleagues in your network and don’t want them to see the groups you join, remember to adjust your application settings.

5. You’re Crazy About Quizzes. Stop and think before taking online quizzes and posting the results to your Facebook page — unless you want professional contacts to know which Gilligan’s Island character you most resemble.

The Creative Group is a specialized staffing service placing creative, advertising, marketing and web professionals on a project basis. For more information, please visit www.creativegroup.

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