Piperlime’s Brand Experience

Recently I ordered maternity clothes online from GAP and found myself at their sister site, Piperlime. Piperlime is an online shoe catalog. If I understand correctly it is owned by GAP. My assumption of its creation its GAP’s way of competing with Zappos.

The Piperlime online experience is easy and pleasant. Put in your style (mine was ‘comfort’), your size and it narrows everything down for you. In particular I like to sort by price (low-to-high) and see the end-of-season shoes first.

So to me, Piperlime is just an online shoe store. So how did they enhance their brand experience from just ordering shoes and receiving them via UPS? How did they do more than say, Amazon?

To start, the shipping boxes are not the same plain cardboard boxes. They are clean white cardboard which when opened, reveal the lime-mark pattern inside. Each box of shoes I received (yes, I ordered 3 pairs, 2 of them were under $20!!) was wrapped with green tissue paper and secured with another lime sticker. (Students — are you getting these small details?). Finally, enclosed in the box was a GORGEOUS white paper shopping bag. A shopping bag!?! A bag large enough to fit at least 2 shoe boxes, it has a nice sized green Piperlime (or Piperlime-Green) logo on the sides and the interior print is the lime-pattern I mentioned earlier.

So the lesson or the question for the lesson is, “Why a shopping bag?”

I hope my students know the answer. I think it is a brilliant idea and the cherry on top of a really nice online shopping experience.

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