Jonathan Adler has Arrived in Atlanta

D & I are creatures of habit. Quite often on our date nights (which these days are generally afternoons) we head over to the Westside Urban Market, walk around the shops and galleries and then finish at JCT, our favorite restaurant.

A few weeks ago I went NUTS when I saw a sign on one of the vacant shops that a Jonathan Adler store was opening in that space!
Happy Chic, Colors is a favorite interior design book and a personal form of escapism.

D & I first became immersed in Jonathan Adler when we attended a wedding at the Parker in Palm Springs. Adler redesigned the hotel-resort, which I believe was the former Merv Griffin estate. Such a great place to spend an extended weekend.

This past Saturday, a date night, we headed over to the Westside. We planned on walking around Room & Board and hitting a few other shops. Yet, when I drove into the area, there was Jonathan Adler, in all its building’s painted-bright-orange glory. The store manager was outside, and he was a vision straight out of Happy Chic (wearing the same color pallet as the book’s cover above).

We had such a nice time walking through the store.  We were inspired and overwhelmed. Personally, we are battling the fact that we moved from our perfectly painted (in the happiest chic), decorated and planned 1600 sq.ft. home to our now double the size and double the maturity home, a brick colonial, with a lot of room, a lot of potential and currently, a lot of nothing. We just don’t know what to do inside this house!

The store manager greeted us and chatted with us for a while. He was warm and engaging. It felt like meeting the friend-of-a-friend at a cocktail party (minus the cocktail). I think his name was Steve, D thinks his name was Chris. I haven’t been able to find his name in print, yet. Maybe he’ll read this and let me know.

Check out the newly opened Jonathan Adler store and frequent it. As if you need any other reason to do so, read his brand’s manifesto here (a small excerpt is below).

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