As Seen on TV

When Advertising Backfires

We recently moved to a new home — and with that new home we purchased a new television — and finally got cable! I have referred to this new TV a few times as Don’s new wife (another blog post for another time).

Eleven years in our old house we never had paid television. That was fine, Z grew up on PBS, which is a nice thing for both parents and children. PBS is wonderful and it kept her wonderfully sheltered!

So by now you know that advertising is our family’s livelihood, normally unbeknownst to our kids. But it seems now that advertising has also taken over our seven-year-old’s life (yet still unbeknownst to her).

With our pay television channels, Z has been allowed to add Sprout, PBS’s cable television channel, to her channel surfing repertoire. This channel was initially welcome addition from my perspective, until I realized, Sprout has commercials.

Now it seems that every other conversation with Z begins with, “Mommy, I saw this thing on TV…” it may be followed with, “that makes your legs really smooth when you shave them…”, or when we are in the grocery store, “Mom, I totally saw this cereal on TV!”

My most favorite backfire was when I pulled out my steam mop one day, and Z so sweetly asked if she could help me, so of course I allowed her to!! As I placed the cloth mop on the steamer and it heated up, Z said to me, “Where is your Replaceable Shaggy Mop Head — you should have received one free when you ordered your Steam Pocket® Mop!”


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