A Visual Ode to Amy Vainieri

I borrowed an idea from one of my grad school friends, Amy Vainieri. Amy shared her idea with the world on her Facebook a few months ago. Amy’s rainbow was much more elegant as she used a much longer bookcase.

As a nod to Amy’s great idea, I decided to use the new living room’s built-in bookshelf to create a color spectrum with the spines of all my design books.

Not surprising, white, black and red are the most prominent book colors.

This is a great way to organize books of one topic!

Amy, did you come up with this on your own, or were you also inspired by someone else?

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2 Responses to A Visual Ode to Amy Vainieri

  1. Amy Vainieri says:

    I finally remembered to look up the link on Apartment Therapy

    I tend to pull interior design images as inspiration for some future fantastic and fabulous house that I’m going to have one day, this was one of them!


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