How’s That Art Degree Working Out For You?

This past weekend our family took a trip down to Savannah to celebrate Z turning 7. The trip was a complete surprise for Z and overall a lot of fun.

For Z’s special birthday dinner, we ate at our hotel’s restaurant (one of Z’s favorite). Towards the end of the dinner, the wait staff came out and sang Happy Birthday to Z. It was the first time she had been surprised and embarrassed in such a way — so fantastic.

Sitting at a table next to us that night was a mother with two tween-aged daughters. Physically this woman could have been one of my sisters — so it was funny when D leaned over to me at dinner to say, “That’s you in a few more years, out to dinner with your teenage daughters.”

After Z was outed for being a birthday girl, the mother at that table started chatting with us, asking us where we were from, asking Z how old she was, etc.

At one point the woman mentioned SCAD, our alma-mater and how she had noticed it was all around downtown Savannah. D and I told her we both attended SCAD, to which she said something to the effect of, “how is that art degree working out for you?”

When asked this I laughed and let her know it was working very well for both of us! I told her I was a design professor and that D ran an advertising agency.

This segued into this (wine-infused) woman rambling on about her volunteer work for her local library. She mentioned she worked on the newsletter for it and had an artist using clip-art for her designs on the newsletter, ‘clip-art!’ she exclaimed. It was pretty funny. She asked me if I thought graphic design students at one of her local colleges might be willing to do it for free.

When D & I got on the elevator after dinner that night, I jokingly said to him, “Hey lady, I bet my newsletter can kick your newsletter’s ass!”

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